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With a diverse culture and varying degree of regulations, regulatory support in Asia-Pacific region focusses on country-specific requirements as well as a regional marketing focus. Credevo offers a particular home advantage in Asia-Pacific having a key understanding and local expertise in regulatory affairs for almost all major countries in the region.

Not only the pharmaceuticals, and biologics, Asia-Pacific region provides excellent opportunities as well as regulatory challenges for nutraceuticals, and medical devices as well. Facilitate healthcare product registration, marketing authorization approvals, clinical trial approvals, ethics committee approvals and import permits in this region with Credevo.

Utilize local regulatory expertise in various countries for your products with Credevo’s home expert advantage!

Products For Regulatory Support in Asia-Pacific

Drugs & Biologics
Asia-Pacific presents a strong case to utilize expert regulatory support for pharmaceuticals, biological products, vaccines and other drugs’ regulatory requirements.
Nutraceuticals, & Supplements
Some of the fastest growing markets for dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmetics or complementary medicines are in Asia-Pacific region. Process to register varies in each country.
Medical Devices
Physical devices, supporting devices and software are some of the most common medical devices used worldwide. With different ways to use them, their marketing authorization process may vary a lot.

Types of Regulatory Support Available

Regulatory Applications
A well prepared application is the key to a successful regulatory submission.
Specific information
Before preparing an application, you may need specific information or answers to important questions.
Feasibility Assessment
An assessment of regulatory requirements & feasibility can save a lot of time & cost in achieving a successful regulatory approval.

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Regulatory requirements vary across countries and product segments.

For all of these needs, Credevo provides support extending from advisory & consultancy support to end-to-end regulatory support for product registrations as well as clinical trial related approvals.

Country – Specific Regulatory Support

Asia-pacific region is a big group of countries with diverse regulatory requirements. This results in a need of detailed understanding of regulatory requirements for various healthcare products. Connect with Credevo to discuss regulatory requirements in various countries in this region.



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Rare Diseases Regulatory Support

Credevo offers special services in rare disease drug registration with a complete understanding of various benefits and incentives provided by the regulators in the Japan, Australia and other Asian countries

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The final goal of any healthcare organization is to place their product into market at the earliest. However, the pathway to get a product onto the market can be challenging.

Credevo has well-established infrastructure and expertise to provide regulatory support globally for marketing authorizations and life cycle management (LCM) of various pharmaceutical products, generic drugs, nutraceuticals, medical devices and Biosimilars.

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