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Development of great products often needs a collaborative effort. Credevo’s licensing support is all about connecting with excellent products, developers, investors and marketers worldwide.

While one can be a great developer, they may need another partner to take the product to international markets. Or, vice versa. It makes sense to join hands with someone who complements you with capabilities or investment.

With our global network of companies engaged in development of new products or those looking for new products to invest in, it becomes easier to find such attractive opportunities.

In-licensing support

Looking to get access to interesting products of your choice? Find some great innovative products to choose from. These include those for rare diseases, oncology indications, vaccines or specialized products.

Out-licensing support

Out-licensing support from Credevo

Having a great product and looking to divest its marketing rights? Or, you’re an MA holder, a manufacturer, or a product development company. In any case, utilize global opportunities through Credevo. These include the regional players, with a strong market reach in specific regions, or global companies with access to multiple markets worldwide.

The final goal of any healthcare organization is to place their product into market at the earliest. However, the pathway to get a product onto global market can be challenging.

Utilize Credevo’s global network of healthcare product developers, investors and pharma companies to explore licensing opportunities. Go to the far regions like Japan, China, United States, Australia, Europe, Russia etc to find untapped opportunities. Begin your journey to a successful product with Credevo!

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