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What is Credevo?

Consultants for global clinical development and healthcare product registration worldwide.

Credevo is a global clinical research and development company specializing in cross-regional conduct of clinical development projects as well as registration of healthcare products.
Credevo provides access to thousands of clinical trial sites, investigators, regulatory specialists and other services providers across regions globally, and makes it super easy to successfully complete clinical development & registration of medicines, cosmetics, supplements and other healthcare products in a shorter period of time.
Through innovative online platform, Credevo facilitates clinical trial feasibility with more than 100,000 investigators around the world.

Whom is Credevo for?

Project Managers

Do you prefer your clinical development to be strategically faster, more efficient and of higher quality? Develop your clinical development strategy, devise project plans and build teams with experts.

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Feasibility Managers

Are you looking for investigators in a new region, therapeutic segment or just another new trial? Reach thousands of investigators and perform feasibility online with interested investigators.

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Regulatory Managers

Struggling with regulatory hurdles and ambiguities in one or more countries? Utilize regulatory specialists having expertise specific to your product and target country.

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Explore investigators, regulatory experts and service providers globally


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How can Credevo help you?

It provides you with strategic consultancy, regulatory support, clinical trial feasibility, market intelligence and operation support for clinical development projects and product registrations worldwide.

Connect and collaborate

Be a part of the network and get in loop with some of the most renowned clinical researchers.

Explore prospects to work on leading clinical development programs and give a high to your clinical research credentials, or work with diversely experienced investigators for your clinical trials and bring a phenomenal difference to recruitment scenario.

Standard process, with automation

Utilize standard clinical research systems and processes, while enjoying optimization in speed and quality brought by automation.

Ensure compliance with best documentation practices without actually spending too much time in them; and work smoothly without any repetitiveness or redundancy in the system.

Confidentiality and Control of data

Share your profile or clinical trial information only with those that you'd like to.

Take advantage of built-in non-disclosure terms or bring your own terms into play to ensure your data remains secure at hands of partners.

Optionally, perform feasibility using premium plans and restrict even the introductory information to only those that you search and select.

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