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What is Credevo?

A global consulting organization supporting healthcare product development from clinical development to commercialization

Credevo provides strategic support for healthcare products including drugs, biologics, health supplements (nutraceuticals), IVD / medical devices and cosmetics in areas of Regulatory, Clinical Development, Licensing (out-/in-), and Feasibility.

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Global Regulatory Support

A good understanding of healthcare regulations helps optimize approval timelines, increase success probabilities and accelerate product development.

Through local regulatory expertise worldwide, Credevo facilitates

  • product registrations,
  • clinical trial approvals, and
  • import permits / licenses
for drugs, biologics, health supplements (nutraceuticals), IVD / medical devices and cosmetics.

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Clinical Development Strategy & Execution

Do you know it's possible to improve the clinical trial performance significantly with simple yet powerful steps?

Credevo's expertise in clinical development achieves just that and accelerates clinical trials with

  • strategy (technical, regulatory and operational), and
  • operational expertise locally in all major regions.

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Feasibility Assessments

Building a foresight before investing time and money in a project helps achieve faster identification of challenges and possible solutions.

With innovative tools, international strategic teams and information network, Credevo facilitates feasibility assessments for

  • products,
  • markets, and
  • clinical trials

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Licensing Support (Out- / In-)

Development of great products often needs a collaborative effort. Credevo’s licensing support is about connecting with excellent products, developers, investors, and marketers worldwide.

Utilizing a global network of companies, Credevo assists in out-licensing and in-licensing of healthcare products and assets worldwide.

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