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What is Credevo?

A global consulting organization supporting healthcare product development from clinical development to commercialization

Credevo provides strategic support for products including pharmaceuticals, biologics, nutraceuticals, and medical devices, in areas such as
Regulatory Support, Clinical Development, Licensing (out-/in-), and Feasibility Support.

How can Credevo help you?

Through local regulatory expertise worldwide, Credevo facilitates product registration, regulatory approval, marketing authorization, clinical trial approval and import permit for pharmaceuticals, biologics, nutraceuticals, and medical devices globally.

Credevo's expertise in clinical development supports to build strategy, plan, design and manage clinical trials in all major regions.

Utilizing a global network of companies, Credevo assists in out-licensing and in-licensing of innovative assets worldwide.

With an intelligent tool at disposal, Credevo can support to conduct feasibility for clinical trials, with access to thousands of clinical trial sites & investigators globally, products and market assessments.

Global Regulatory Support

Strong awareness of regulatory requirements helps ease the product development process, clinical trials planning as well as product approval.

Do you know with such clarity, it’s also possible to optimize approval timelines, success probabilities and accelerate development?

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Clinical Development Strategy & Execution

Do you know that performance in most of the clinical trials can be improved significantly with simple, yet powerful steps?

Do you know that choice of region, trial sites and trial teams can impact more that 90% of your metrics?

Discuss with us to know how you can do that.

Clinical Trial Feasibility - Worldwide

Performance of clinical trial sites exponentially impacts the trial metrics. A trial successfully executed can lead to market domination for your product.

Why to lose this opportunity? Start by choosing the sites that recruit faster, provide quality and vastly improve your trial performance.

Select investigators that make a difference to your trials.

Explore investigators, regulatory experts and service providers globally


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Whom is Credevo for?

Project Managers

Do you prefer your clinical development to be strategically faster, more efficient and of higher quality? Develop your clinical development strategy, devise project plans and build teams with experts.

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Feasibility Managers

Are you looking for investigators in a new region, therapeutic segment or just another new trial? Reach thousands of investigators and perform feasibility online with interested investigators.

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Regulatory Managers

Struggling with regulatory hurdles and ambiguities in one or more countries? Utilize regulatory specialists having expertise specific to your product and target country.

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