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Credevo has extensive expertise in managing all aspects of international clinical trials from Phase I through to Phase IV and non-intervention studies, with services that are custom-tailored to fit your needs.

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Medical and scientific affairs

The medical affairs function continues to evolve and to adopt a more collaborative role with companies’ research and commercial functions and not only enhances a company’s scientific reputation but also complements the work of Research & Development

Credevo’s Medical & Scientific Affairs team specializes in refining and propagation the data you need to design an efficient program and bring your product to market

Global project management

Managing a clinical trial project requires expertise along with prominent experience and skills that lead in producing efficient and comprehensive data to reach the predetermined goals

Credevo owns and intimately engages in every aspect of your clinical trial. You can just rely on your Project Management team in capturing all relevant data to support your study goals

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Investigator recruitment and site management

70% of trials fail due to inefficient clinical investigators and site selection – Credevo has a huge database of clinical investigators and sites worldwide. Based on the study requirements, Credevo recruits the most efficient clinical investigators and qualified sites. And has a track record even in rare disease clinical trials

Patient recruitment and retention strategies

Recruiting sufficient subjects for the study and maintaining retention is a nightmare in the clinical trial industry and requires techniques and well-structured strategies to conceive

Credevo designs an adaptive strategy and novel techniques to attain complete patient recruitment and implements it right from the protocol design to study completion

Rare disease clinical trials offer many more challenges compared to traditional drugs and medical devices. Credevo offers its expertise to overcome these challenges and complete the trials within the time

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Clinical monitoring

Efficient management and monitoring of clinical sites are critical to a successful clinical trial and ensure that the trial is conducted according to the protocol, GCP, SOP, and regulatory requirements

Credevo services are tailored to your needs and offer comprehensive clinical trial monitoring and site management services right from clinical feasibility through study completion to support clinical trials around the world. We have globally connected networks and manage your trials anywhere in the world

Global QA and compliance

The whole purpose of conducting a clinical trial is to obtain quality data as per regulatory requirements Credevo understands and ensures compliance with all applicable regulatory standards, deliver independent and objective inspection and audit services for on-site sample measurement, laboratory analysis, and data processing

Global feasibility studies

Conducting clinical trial feasibility is crucial for any clinical trial to understand the clinical investigator and site capabilities, patient recruitment potential, timelines, and many more to prevent clinical trial failures or delays

Credevo provides a very intuitive and efficient web-based platform to connect with thousands of clinical investigators and sites worldwide. Connect with clinical investigators, conduct feasibility, review, and select with just a few simple steps

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Credevo also offers country-level and site-level feasibility studies in rare disease clinical trials which are crucial to perform before initiating a clinical trial to avoid failures or delays

Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Glomerulonephritis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Alopecia areata, and many more

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