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Credevo is a global clinical research and development company specializing in cross-regional conduct of clinical development projects as well as registration of healthcare products.
Credevo provides access to thousands of clinical trial sites, investigators, regulatory specialists and other services providers worldwide, and makes it super easy to successfully complete clinical development & registration of pharmaceuticals, medicines, cosmetics, supplements and other healthcare products in a shorter period of time.
Through innovative online platform, Credevo facilitates clinical trial feasibility with more than 100,000 investigators around the world.
Credevo is for researchers, investigators and development managers from pharma / biotech / medical device as well as clinical development industry, who are engaged in the research of new medicines, therapies and medical devices.
Following kinds of researchers, managers and executives can benefit from Credevo's offerings.
  • Project managers, executives and research associates, who are developing clinical development strategy & project plans for their new products, building research teams and executing those clinical trial projects.
  • Feasibility managers, site identification and site selection executives, who would like to find new investigators and sites for their clinical trials in any specific geographic region. Specifically suited for those clinical trial teams, who are looking to reach out to hundreds of investigators across several countries.
  • Regulatory affairs managers, who would like to achieve faster product registrations across the globe, while effectively managing requirements of regulatory bodies with the help of experienced experts.
  • Product development managers, who are looking to undertake rapid development of their products and would like to work with quality service providers with expertise in specialized segments, e.g. monitoring, biostatistics, data management, medical writing etc.
  • Medical practitioners, doctor and physicians, who would like to work as investigators in clinical trials.
  • Nurses, hospital support and management staff, who help their investigators procure, coordinate and manage the clinical trials.
  • Consultants, freelancers and service providers (other than hospitals / sites and investigators mentioned above), who would like to provide their services for the conduct of clinical trials.

Starting with Credevo

Reach out to Credevo Helpdesk with information or questions about your needs.
Click here to contact Credevo Helpdesk or,
Click here to send mail to us.
Credevo team will work with you to assess your current status of development. Our experts will sit with you to chart out the best way forward. This will include making decisions to identify the best regions to place your clinical trials, select the best teams to work on your project (including investigators) and manage regulatory aspects of clinical development and product registrations.
Contact to discuss with our team for free, or, send us brief info about your project by email.
Credevo provides an effective way for investigator identification and site feasibility, utilizing speed of online feasiility, reliability of analytical assessment and credibility of proven experience.
You will be able to get a comprehensive information about investigator's experience and capability, including prospective recruitment rate, which will help in selecting investigators objectively.
Provide brief details about your project. Contact us online, or, Send an email.
Of course!
Credevo has a vast network of regulatory experts specialized in product registrations across five continents, who will be able to assist you.
To get started, provide brief details about your product. Contact us online or, send an email.
Credevo can help you find clinical trials to work upon. You can participate in feasibility of the clinical trials posted on Credevo.
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If your services are helpful for clinical research industry, Credevo can help you find opportunities to offer your services. These services may be of different kinds, but should be helpful, in identifiable way, for clinical research activities. Some of the examples of these services may include
  • Clinical trial monitoring
  • Clinical trial auditing
  • Project management for clinical trials
  • Laboratory services
  • Translation of documents
  • Domestic and international shipment of medicines, lab samples and other materials
  • Printing and binding of documents
  • Event management for organizing investigators meetings
  • Interactive Web and Voice Response System
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No, it's not mandatory.
You can contact us with details of your requirements through various options on contact page, or mail us at to get started.
However, it will be better for investigators, sites and service providers interested in new projects to sign up on Credevo online. You are welcome to sign up on Credevo and create your profile.

Participating in online trial feasibility and services offering

If you're an investigator, site personnel or service provider interested in new projects, please sign up on Credevo and create your profile. For signing up on Credevo, follow these steps
  1. Select your role
  2. Enter your Email and choose Password, click “Sign Up”.
  3. After completion of sign up, a verification link will be sent to your Email.
  4. Click on that link to verify your account.
You role on Credevo will depend on what you’d like to do on Credevo. Your role will be
  1. Investigator: If you’d like to find clinical trials and work as investigators on them.
  2. Clinical Study Coordinator: If you’d like to help your investigators find clinical trials.
  3. Service Provider: If you’d like to offer other services to support clinical trials.
  4. Trial Manager: If you’d like to find investigators for your clinical trials and conduct feasibility with them.
For more details on your role on Credevo, please check here!
Follow these steps to create your profile.
  1. If you have just verified your email during sign up, you will be directed to your Dashboard. Or, you can visit profile page to create your profile.
  2. On this page, please start filling in your details.
  3. After providing your details, you can click “Next” button for next page. If you’d like to save details and come back later to proceed further, please click “Save” button. To go back to previous page on profile form, click “Previous” button. On the last page, after providing all details, click on “Finish” button to complete your profile.
You can go to your profile page to modify / edit profile.
To go to profile page, please login. On your dashboard, click on arrow next to your email on left side menu and then click on “Profile” button.
Or, you can click here to visit your profile page.
On the profile page, click on “Edit” button next to relevant section to modify or change your details.
Please click “Forgot password? Click here to reset it” below the Password field in the Login window. Enter your login email on the next page and click “Reset Password”. A link will be sent to your email to verify, click on the link in the email and set your new password.
Yes, you can change your role, if you have not taken part in any activity yet. To change your role, please click here to contact us and request for the change of role. Please remember that your role can be changed only once.
Please ensure you have completed your sign up on Credevo and created your profile. Login to reach your dashboard on Credevo and click on “All Clinical Trials” tab on left side menu. Click on clinical trial of your choice and submit your response.
Yes, we can. For mass-scale needs, we can provide customized solutions. Please contact to know more.
If you’re an Investigator, please click “Clinical Study Coordinators” button on the left side menu on your Dashboard. Enter Clinical Study Coordinator Name and Email whom you want to add and click “Add Coordinator” button. An email notification will be sent to the Coordinator through email to confirm. Once confirmed, Clinical Study Coordinator can participate in feasibility on your behalf.

If you’re a Clinical Study Coordinator, please modify your profile to add new investigators [See question #5 for how to modify your profile]. Your investigator will receive an email to confirm you. After confirmation, you will be able to participate in feasibility on their behalf. To check status, please click “Investigators” button on the left side menu on you Dashboard. A list of Investigators will be displayed. If status is “❌”, wait for the Investigator to conform you and if the status is “”, you can participate in feasibility on her/his behalf.
When Trial manager is interested in your response, click on “Contact Me” button to get in contact with Trial Manager.
You can post if you have signed up as a Trial Manager. After you have completed your profile, please click on “Post new Project” button on left side menu. Enter your project details and click “Post Project” button. Your project will be reviewed by Credevo and will be posted on site. Investigators/Clinical Study Coordinators will see your project and post their response which will be notified to you by email.
When your project gets response from Investigator/Site, you can view their details by clicking “View Profile”, contact them by clicking “Contact Me” button or request responses to your feasibility questionnaire by clicking “Request Detailed Feasibility”.
Credits are the benefits given to the user to make feasibility super easy. Credits can be used by Investigator/Clinical Study Coordinator in order to show their full profile to the Trial Manager so that they are more likely to be selected for project.

Credits can be used by Trial manager to see the full profile of Investigator, contact and/or request detailed feasibility.
NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement, is an agreement made between Trial Manager and a Investigator to start sharing details with each other.

Preliminary Feasibility

Trial Manager can check investigators' interest in their clinical trials by posting a brief non-confidential summary. Investigators can respond with recruitment rate that they expect to provide in this clinical trials. Trial manager can get to see brief profile of and expected recruitment per month from interested investigators.

Detailed feasibility

Trial manager can contact investigators, enter into non-disclosure agreement and share study synopsis with them. Further investigators can be invited to provide their responses on detailed feasibility questionnaire.
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