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Credevo is a global consulting organization supporting healthcare product development from clinical development to commercialization. Credevo provides strategic support for products including pharmaceuticals, biologics, nutraceuticals, and medical devices, in the following areas.

  • Clinical Development: Credevo's expertise in clinical development supports to build strategy, plan, design and manage clinical trials in all major regions. Credevo specializes in cross-regional conduct of clinical trials.
  • Regulatory Support: Through local regulatory expertise worldwide, Credevo facilitates product registration, regulatory approval, marketing authorization, clinical trial approval and import permit for pharmaceuticals, biologics, nutraceuticals, and medical devices globally.
  • Feasibility Support: Credevo facilitates feasibility assessments by utilizing innovative tools, international strategic teams and information network in performing feasibility assessments.
    • Products: Build foresights into your products’ journey through different stages of testing, investigations, approvals, customer acceptance and market performance.
    • Markets: Develop key understanding of customer groups and their requirements. Identify potential markets, roadblocks and best ways forward in unknown territories.
    • Clinical Trials: Assess the feasibility to conduct your clinical trials with 100,000+ investigators worldwide. Build recruitment projections and identify best sites to work with.
  • Licensing (out-/in-): Utilizing a global network of companies, Credevo assists in out-licensing and in-licensing of innovative assets worldwide.
Credevo is for researchers, investigators and development managers from pharma / biotech / nutraceuticals / medical device / cosmetics as well as clinical development industry, who are engaged in the development of new healthcare products.
Following kinds of researchers, managers and executives can benefit from Credevo's offerings.
  • Research & development managers, who are working on clinical development strategy for their new products, planning clinical trials, building trials teams and executing new clinical trial projects.
  • Regulatory affairs managers, who would like to achieve faster product registrations across the globe, while effectively managing requirements of regulatory bodies with the help of experienced experts.
  • Product managers, who are looking to undertake rapid development of their products by analyzing product utility and possible market response to bring more confidence in product development decisions.
  • Feasibility managers, site identification and site selection executives, who would like to find new investigators and sites for their clinical trials in any specific geographic region. Specifically suited for those clinical trial teams, who are looking to reach out to hundreds of investigators across several countries.
  • Medical practitioners, doctors and physicians, who would like to work as investigators in clinical trials.
  • Nurses, hospital support and management staff, who help their investigators procure, coordinate and manage the clinical trials.
  • Consultants, freelancers and service providers (other than hospitals / sites and investigators mentioned above), who would like to provide their services for the conduct of clinical trials.

Starting with Credevo

Share your requirements with us to identify the best ways to address your needs in
The Credevo team will work with you to resolve your requirements. Process starts with assessment of your current status of development. Our experts will sit with you to chart out the best way forward in one or more of the following ways:
  • Assist with scientific, clinical or technical advices to develop a clinical development strategy.
  • Provide consultations on identification of the best regions to place your clinical trials, select the best teams to work on your project (including investigators) and manage regulatory aspects of clinical development and product registrations.
  • Perform evaluations and assessments to guide through the technical, regulatory or marketing related aspects.
Contact us, or email us a brief info about your requirements to initiate discussions with our team.
Credevo provides an effective way for investigator identification and site feasibility, utilizing speed of online feasibility, reliability of analytical assessment and credibility of proven experience.
You will be able to get comprehensive information about the investigator's experience and capability, including prospective recruitment rate, which will help in selecting investigators objectively.
Contact us, or send an email to brief details about your project.
Of course!
Credevo has a vast network of regulatory experts specialized in product registrations across five continents, who will be able to assist you.
To get started, contact us or send an email providing brief details about your product.
If your services are helpful for the clinical research industry, Credevo can help you find opportunities to offer your services. These services may be of different kinds, but should be helpful, in a demonstratable way, for clinical research activities. Some of the examples of these services may include
  • Clinical trial services
  • Laboratory services
  • Translation of documents
  • Domestic and international shipment of medicines, lab samples and other materials
  • Regulatory support services
You can contact us with details of your requirements through various options on the contact page, or mail us at [email protected] to get started.

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