Dr. Natalie Doyle


Dr. Natalie Doyle is a well-established internist working in Wilson, NC, USA. She has worked extensively in clinical trials from many reputed pharma and clinical research companies. Primary area of focus for clinical trials is diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases. She is also open to discuss other clinical trials in internal medicine segment. Her clinical site is well-managed with clinical study coordinator teams and equipped with modern infrastructure.

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Therapeutic Area:
Internal Medicine

Country: United States

Professional Experience: 18 Years

Clinical Research Experience: 15 Years

Qualification: MD

Site: Wooten Boulevard Southwest, Wilson NC United States

Proven expertise and capabilities

Dr. Doyle has worked on about 15 clinical trials. These clinical trials included many clinical studies from reputed pharma and clinical research organizations. Here are highlights of her valuable clinical trial experience and potential.

  1. Worked on about 15 clinical trials in diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease patients.
  2. Enjoys a great rapport and favorable opinions from her patients and is generally able to recruit well in her studies.
  3. Provides personal attention to clinical trials and devotes required time to discuss and plan new clinical studies well.

Dr. Doyle’s site is able to support new clinical studies with required infrastructure and support from trained staff, under personal supervision of Dr. Doyle.

Potential investigator for clinical trials in

Cardiovascular disease


Dr. Natalie Doyle would be happy to consider your new clinical trials and discuss ways to work on them.

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