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Dr. Atoya Adams is a dedicated and renowned investigator with significant experience in internal medicine clinical trials. Her site, a research facility in Las Vegas NV United States, is devoted to conducting quality clinical research. Having conducted more than 70 clinical trials, she has significant on-hand experience in using modern trial tools. She has an excellent recruitment track record in clinical trials on diabetes, dyslipidemia, asthma, COPD, pain management and GI trials. Her site is managed by staff having long clinical research experience. She will be happy to discuss your new clinical trial requirements. Contact her now.

Profile Details

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Therapeutic Area:
Internal Medicine
Cardiovascular Disease
Endocrinology/Diabetes/Metabolic Diseases
General Practice/Medicine
Internal Medicine
Pain Management
Preventive Medicine
Pulmonary Disease

Country: United States

Professional Experience: 17 Years

Clinical Research Experience: 12 Years

Qualification: MD, MBA

Site: AB Clinical Trials, Las Vegas NV United States

Proven expertise and capabilities

Dr. Adams has worked on more than 70 clinical trials. These trials were sourced from some of top pharma and clinical research companies. Here are highlights of her rich and useful clinical trial experience and potential.

  1. Worked on several clinical trials in diabetes, cardiovascular, pain management, respiratory and obesity patients.
  2. Demonstrated high recruitment potential across multiple clinical trials. She has been able to meet recruitment goals consistently.
  3. Her site is an outpatient only 100% research facility, dedicatedly focusing on clinical trials, while delivering excellent patient care.
  4. Her site has been added on several trials as a rescue site, and was able to recruit more than sites working in the study since beginning.
  5. She has been able to receive IRB approval consistently within a week for her trials, as she turns around initial regulatory documents within 24 hours along with the contract.
  6. Site received awards for excellent research work.

Dr. Adams has a well equipped site with all necessary infrastructure, such as wireless internet access, EKG machine with Spirometry capabilities, Tanita digital scale, -20 degree freezer, centrifuge (refrigerated as well as ambient temperature), drug storage with 24 hour temperature monitoring and dry ice storage. All of the instrumentation used at site are calibrated on a yearly basis. Dr. Adams provides 100% oversight to ensure quality in clinical studies.

Potential investigator for clinical trials in

Pain management
Idiopathic constipation
Other internal medicine trials


Dr. Atoya Adams would be happy to consider your new clinical trials and discuss ways to work on them.

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