Dr. Jeffrey Potts


Dr. Jeffrey Potts, a thoroughly experienced investigator, practices at different locations and conducts clinical research at a wonderful site in Bay city MI United States. He has tens of clinical trials in dermatology, pain management, geriatric medicines, female hormonal disorders and diabetes, to his credit. Site is fully quipped and is committed to conduct global quality clinical trials.

Profile Details

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Therapeutic Area:
Geriatric Medicine
Internal Medicine

Country: United States

Professional Experience: 18 Years

Clinical Research Experience: 14 Years

Qualification: MD

Site: Great Lakes Research Group, Inc, Bay City MI United States

Proven expertise and capabilities

Dr. Potts has worked on more than 150 clinical trials on various indications in internal medicine. Here are the highlights of his rich and useful clinical trial experience and potential.

  1. Worked on more than 150 clinical trials in dermatology, pain management, female hormone disorders and diabetes patients, besides several other internal medicine trials.
  2. Demonstrated high recruitment potential across multiple clinical trials and has been able to meet recruitment targets well in time.
  3. Ably supported by a team of clinical research professionals managing his clinical trials.
  4. Takes care of patients at his hospice and medical practice locations and is able to broad pool of patients.
  5. Worked on clinical trials from top 10 pharma companies, as well as top 10 CROs, besides several other small-medium scale organizations.
  6. With professional management, site is able to turn around all regulatory and documentation needs in a fast manner.

Potential investigator for clinical trials in

Acne Vulgaris
Atopic Dermatitis
Chronic low back pain
Iron deficiency anemia (IDA)
Uterine Fibroids
Endometriosis-induced pain
Diabetes Mellitus
Postherpetic neuralgia
Respiratory disorders like asthma and COPD


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