Credevo is a pharma facilitator company. With a worldwide network, it’s easy for you to plan/execute your medicinal product right from development to clinical trials and product registration. Credevo extends services to those who need them anywhere in the world.

Credevo brings the clinical research world even closer, connecting the investigators with trial managers, finding the best service providers for sponsors and CROs, building clinical trial plans in shapes that maximize the effectiveness of all players.

Explore the clinical research world with Credevo. Find new avenues, partners, specialists, and experts. There is a lot you can achieve, in a faster and more effective way. Let’s connect.

Dr. Kshitij Soni, PMPĀ®

Founder & CEO

Connect with the company CEO at or contact for any queries

CEO Thoughts

Global Regulatory Support | Clinical Development Strategy | Clinical Trial Feasibility | Rare Disease Services | Global Clinical Operations

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