EM-Phases Conference


The EM-Phases Conference will highlight the best practices in delivering Efficient Multi-Regional Clinical Trials. The event will serve as a professional platform for all parties involved in improving and advancing clinical trials in Central, Eastern & Southern Europe, Turkey & MENA, Russia & EAEU.

The two-day event will include market-focused presentations, panel discussions and an extensive session of one-to-one meetings with potential partners.

Credevo & EM-Phases

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Date of event

Its a two day conference held on 22-23 October 2018.


Andel´s by Vienna House Prague
Stroupeznickeho 21
15000 Prague
Czech Republic

Why & Who should attend

EM Phases will provide emphasis on the best practices in delivering Efficient Multi-Regional Clinical Trials by grouping all experts and professionals in clinical trials, involved as stakeholders in advancing clinical trials in following regions: Central, Eastern & Southern Europe, Turkey & MENA, Russia & EAEU.

Investigators, CROs, CMOs, professionals working in R&D and all clinical & medical professionals working for clinical trials should attend this conference and enjoy excellent opportunity to network with stakeholders and experts.


  • Around 30 Experts and professionals as Speakers to get new ideas better managing skill and improve outcomes
  • Special Focus on Multi-regional clinical trials, Regulatory pathways, Recruitment & retention, Collaboration framework & Site management.
  • Meet with regional Pharmas, biotech, CRO’s, Clinical Sites, Labs and investigators.
  • More than 100 participants

Topics emphasis

  • Analytical outlook across the markets: cross-regional market potential, analysis of key indicators and prospects
  • Factors that influence regional differences and attractiveness
  • Regulatory issues in both EU and non-EU countries
  • Achieving excellence and increasing efficiency while managing multi-regional trials
  • How can a local CRO help to communicate with government officials, navigate logistical challenges and streamline the site management process?
  • Approaches and solutions for speed patient’s enrollment and retention?
  • Liaison with the local ethics committees
  • Reducing expenditures and improving quality in site management
  • Management of Budgets, contracts & payments

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Registration Process

  1. Please visit conference registration link https://em-phases.com/registration/. Click NEXT.
  2. On second step, enter your VIP code given to you. Your price will change.
  3. Click NEXT to complete your registration.

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