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Dr. Dario Altamirano, a thoroughly experienced investigator in internal medicine, conducts clinical trials at a wonderful site in Hileah FL United States. He has worked with many top 10 pharma and clinical research companies. His site is a fully equipped dedicated big clinical research center managed by experienced professionals and medical support team. Dr. Altamarino has worked in various internal and family medicine indications like diabetes mellitus, diabetes associated complications, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, GERD, gastric ulcers and osetoarthritis.

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Therapeutic Area:
Family Practice/Medicine
Emergency Medicine

Country: United States

Professional Experience: 25 Years

Clinical Research Experience: 11 Years

Qualification: MD, Others

Site: AGA Clinical Trials, Hialeah Florida United States

Proven expertise and capabilities

Dr. Altamirano has worked on more than 170 clinical trials. These clinical trials includes many internal and family medicine indications. Here are some highlights of his rich and useful clinical trial experience.

  1. Worked on at least 172 clinical trials in many indications including diabetes mellitus, diabetes associated complications, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, GERD, gastric ulcers and osetoarthritis.
  2. Utilizes focussed strategies to boost recruitment in clinical studies. His is generally among the top recruitment sites in clinical trials that he participated in.
  3. Quality of data from his site has always been appreciated by monitors and trial managers.
  4. With a professional management team and modern infrastructure, his site is able to support multiple clinical trials.

Dr. Altamirano has a deep interest in clinical research and provides personal attention in planning and executing trials. With his 100% PI oversight, his trials are able to targets well in time and scope.

Potential investigator for clinical trials in

Type 2 Diabetes mellitus & associated complications
Chronic bacterial vaginosis
Alzheimer’s disease
Hypertension & CV disorders
Erectile dysfunction
GERD, gastric ulcers and other GI indications
Osetoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout


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