Dr. Yaneicy Gonzalez Rojas


Dr. Yaneicy Gonzalez Rojas is an ACRP-certified Principal Investigator working in Coral Gables FL United States. Besides being an established medical practitioner treating hundreds of patients annually, she has a keen interest in conducting quality clinical trials. She has conducted trials in an interesting mix of indications, such as bipolar disorders, obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atopic dermatitis, schizophrenia, depression, steatohepatitis and Alzheimer’s disease. Her site is a private practice dedicated to primary and preventive patient care. Site has a clinical research department that efficiently manages clinical trials at the site.

Profile Details

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Therapeutic Area:
Internal Medicine
Allergy and Immunology
Cardiovascular Disease
Clinical and Lab Immunology
Clinical Cardiology
Clinical Genetics
Clinical Neurophysiology
Endocrinology/Diabetes/Metabolic Diseases
Family Practice/Medicine
General Practice/Medicine
General Preventive Medicine
General Vascular Surgery
Geriatric Medicine
Geriatric Psychiatry
Infectious Diseases
Physical Medicine and Rehab
Preventive Medicine
Public Health
Pulmonary Disease

Country: United States

Professional Experience: 9 Years

Clinical Research Experience: 5 Years

Qualification: MD

Site: Optimus U, Coral Gables FL United States

Proven expertise and capabilities

Dr. Gonzalez Rojas has worked on about 50 clinical trials, in various indications. These clinical trials includes those in Alzheimer’s disease patients along with many others in internal medicine segment. Here are highlights of her rich and useful clinical trial experience.

  1. Worked on about 50 clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, bipolar disorders, atopic dermatitis, schizophrenia, obesity/metabolic syndrome and Steatohepatitis patients, besides other internal medicine segments.
  2. Has a keen interest and focus on keeping high quality in her clinical studies.
  3. Site has access to state of the art inpatient and outpatient medical facilities, a robust and capable staff, and an ever-increasing patient database.

Dr. Gonzalez Rojas has a well established site, equipped with all necessary infrastructure to support any clinical trial in relevant segments. Site is ably managed by clinical research professionals, under personal supervision of Dr. Gonzalez Rojas.

Potential investigator for clinical trials in

Diabetic Foot
IBS constipation
Diabetic kidney
Alzheimer’s disease
Bipolar disorders
Atopic dermatitis
Obesity/metabolic syndrome
Chronic kindney disease


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