Thailand Generic Drug Registration Process

Thailand Generic Drug Registration Process

Thailand is the second-largest healthcare market in Southeast Asia after Indonesia making up roughly about 20% of the region’s expenditure. Thailand’s pharmaceutical market is the eighth largest in the Asia Pacific region and is considered one of the largest and most developed in ASEAN.

Top 5 reasons to choose Thailand as your generic drug market

Thailand’s generic market presents numerous opportunities for foreign pharmaceutical companies

Thailand is a leading hub of generic drugs for its

  • Huge market size due to
    • Aging population,
    • The general trend in increasing risk of illness such as High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, Strokes, Cancer, and communicable disease such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Dengue fever, etc. and,
    • Growth of medical tourism
  • Support from the Thai government such as tax holidays and reduced import duties for equipment to foreign pharmaceutical investors
  • New Regulations that no longer require state agencies to purchase from the Government Pharmaceuticals Organization (GPO), the state-run agency for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment providing a huge opportunity for foreign pharmaceutical companies.
  • The Government of Thailand support the usage of generics medicines in government-run hospitals
  • Thailand hospitals purchase about 75% of all medicinal drugs fabricated and sold locally in Thailand usually based on Generic tenders.

To register your generic drug in Thailand, you need to understand the following,

  • What are the different categories of generic drugs in Thailand?
  • Which category does a specific product belong to?
  • What are the documents required to register the specific category of generic drugs?
  • What is the applicable accreditation or certification required for generic drug registration in Thailand?
  • Are bioequivalence studies required to register the generic drug in Thailand?
  • Who can register the generic drugs in Thailand and/or hold the marketing authorization for a specific drug in Thailand?
  • What is the overall process applicable for registering specific generic drugs in Thailand?

Get Details on Regulatory, Requirements, and Process for Registering Generic  Drugs in Thailand.

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