Market Approval Process of Cosmetics And Quasi Drugs in Japan

Market Approval Process of Cosmetics And Quasi Drugs in Japan

The cosmetics markets are generally a mixture of chemicals used to enhance the appearance and include, sunscreens, hair colors (hair Dyes), deodorants, makeup kits, suncare, skincare, body lotions, etc.

The beauty and skincare market is old in Japan, and Japan is the second-largest market for cosmetic products. after the United States.

So it's obvious to consider the Japanese market for your cosmetic products. But due to the complex approval procedures, language barriers, and low exposure to Japanese regulations, many manufacturers are intact for the Japanese market. However, understanding the core regulations would simplify the entire process and make the approval easy for foreign manufacturers.

For the registration of cosmetic products in Japan here are some salient points that need to be understood

  • How are these products regulated in Japan?

Japanese regulators have classified the cosmetics products as Cosmetics and Quasi-drugs, the regulations and requirements for each class of cosmetic product vary.

You need to understand the complete regulatory process applicable to your product category.

  • Process for foreign manufacturers

For the foreign manufacturer who likes to market their cosmetic products in Japan, they need to have a local representative, and approvals may vary compared with the domestic manufacturers.

You need to obtain the necessary certification and submit notifications to import and sell your product in Japan.

  • Required licenses and certifications

Since quality and safety are the high priority for the Japanese regulations, product analysis and manufacturing site inspections are important for approval.

  • Various factors and requirements for import

One needs to understand the requirements for the import of cosmetic products after approval. You need to obtain all notifications and license to import your cosmetic product into Japan. Gaining all approvals avoids delays.

  • Regulatory for labeling and import

The manufacturers who plan to market their cosmetic products in Japan need to understand the labeling and advertising guidelines and requirements before marketing and selling them into the Japanese market.

Get Details on Regulatory Process, Requirements, and Import of Cosmetic Products in Japan.

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