Clinical Trial Logistics

Clinical trial logistics in rare diseases

Clinical trial logistics in rare diseases often involve scattered geography, remote locations, agile delivery of substances, the limited or precise quantity of drug substance, the unpredictable shelf life of drugs, which makes the clinical trial shipment challenging.

Credevo offers perfect solutions for clinical trial shipments for your rare disease clinical trials with flexible networks

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What are the special strategies required in shipment for rare diseases?

Rare disease clinical trial sites are few, scattered and remote, for this a flexible agile supply chain design is required. Strategies to maintain the substance in determined temperature, Pre-supply of materials that don’t have an expiry and setting up depots for easy access. Dedicated delivery management team to meet unpredictable requirements, infrastructure to deliver directly to the Patient, etc.

Does Credevo provide special services in rare disease clinical trials?

Yes, Credevo understands the complexities that are often involved in rare disease clinical trials and offers DTP – Direct To Patient clinical drug delivery, DFP – Direct From Patient logistics.

What are the other services other than regulatory does Credevo provide?

Credevo also provide services in rare disease drug development such as

  • Regulatory services
  • Find investigators for your rare disease clinical trials
  • Special rare disease clinical trial feasibility services
  • Clinical trial monitoring services

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