Clinical Investigators In Rare Diseases

Clinical investigators in rare disease clinical trials

Finding clinical investigators for clinical trials in rare diseases is very challenging as patients with a rare disease are very few and finding investigators who treat patients and can recruit for clinical trials is elusive.

How can I find clinical investigators for my clinical trial project on rare diseases on Credevo?

Credevo has a database with thousands of rare disease clinical investigators all over the world. You can either contact us at [email protected] or conduct feasibility with brief details of your project.

How can I contact clinical investigators on Credevo?

You can connect with clinical investigators on Credevo by few simple steps, signup to create your profile, post brief details of your project. You get responses from the clinical investigators for your project. Review their profiles and connect with them.

What are the other services other than regulatory does Credevo provide?

Credevo also provide services in rare disease drug development such as

  • Regulatory services
  • Comparator shipment
  • Special rare disease clinical trial feasibility services
  • Clinical trial monitoring services

For queries, mail us at [email protected]