Clinical Trial Manager

Who is a clinical trial manager?

A clinical trial manager is responsible for directing the process of clinical trials by employing effective organizational strategies and reviewing the results using rigorous clinical procedures.

How does Credevo help trial managers in finding clinical trials sites?

Credevo has a huge database of clinical investigators and sites all over the world. You can connect with sites in two ways. You can either conduct clinical trial feasibility studies or contact us at [email protected]

We help in connecting you with all the sites where you can conduct a feasibility study for any therapeutic area & region and identify potential sites for your clinical trials.

How does Credevo help trial managers in finding clinical investigators?

Credevo has a huge network of experienced clinical investigators all over the world. By conducting a feasibility you can share the feasibility questionnaire, get responses from investigators, review and finalize the best clinical investigators for your clinical trials. 

How the trial managers can conduct clinical trial feasibility on Credevo?

Conducting clinical trial feasibility is super easy on Credevo, with only two simple steps. Sign up to create your profile & Post brief details of your project, that’s it. You reach thousands of clinical investigators/sites.

No clinical trial feasibility checklist or tools required

How does Credevo help trial managers in rare disease clinical trials?

Credevo has performed many clinical trial feasibility studies in rare diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Glomerulonephritis, 

You can either contact us at [email protected] for your rare disease clinical trials or conduct feasibility by posting brief details fo your project, share a feasibility questionnaire and get responses about patient recruitment, experience, and other details. 

What are the other services provided by Credevo?

Credevo also provide services in rare disease drug development such as

  • Regulatory services
  • Comparator shipment
  • Special rare disease clinical trial feasibility services
  • Clinical trial monitoring services

For queries, contact us at [email protected]