Investigators, from Brazil who were specialized in Allergy and Immunology segment, were invited to participate in feasibility of a new phase II clinical trial.


What’s was the trial about?

It’s a phase II – dose selection and confirmatory – clinical trial planned to be conducted in Brazil.

What kind of patients were required for this clinical trial?

Patients suffering from perennial allergy were included in this clinical trial.  A physician diagnosed allergy or a convincing clinical history of allergy in upper or lower respiratory symptoms was considered as one of the primary criteria for inclusion in a clinical trial. Other details can be reviewed on Credevo.

What was this study aiming at?

The objective of this study is to determine the optimum dose of the drug under evaluation. A dose will be selected based on the efficacy and safety data of the Phase II study. This selected dose will be administered in a larger group of patients in a phase III study, which will also be conducted in Brazil.

Who were managing this clinical trial?

This clinical trial was managed by a trial management team based in the United States. The management team contacted selected and interested investigators for detailed feasibility.

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