Report on the Drug Registration Process in China

What would you get by downloading this report?

  1. Details on the categories, regulations, requirements, and process to register drugs in China.
  2. Free assessment of your drug product by Credevo to check specific requirements apply for its registration.
  3. Discount of $359 in service charges for registration, while availing services from Credevo.

You'll be able to get help on the following questions related to China generic drug registration.

  1. What are the different categories of drug products in China?
  2. Which category does a specific product belong to?
  3. What are the documents required to register the specific category of drugs?
  4. What is the applicable accreditation or certification required for drug registration in China?
  5. How about clinical trial data requirements and clinical study waivers in certain circumstances?
  6. Who can register the medical products in China and/or hold the marketing authorization for a specific drug in China?
  7. What is the overall process applicable for registering specific drugs in China?