Report on the Drug Registration Process in China

Get Details on Regulatory, Requirements, and Process for Drug Product Registration in China.

Due to the increase in interest of the manufacturers to market their pharmaceutical products in China, we are receiving an increased number of queries. We found that some of the queries were to understand the regulatory and process feasibility as the information available is not clear or incomplete.

Credevo has prepared a report by collecting the relevant information as per the current understanding and awareness of Credevo. Click on the blue button below to download the report.

What would you get by downloading this report?

  1. Details on the regulations, requirements, and process to register the pharmaceutical product in China.
  2. Free assessment by Credevo to review your pharmaceutical product to know the applicable regulations.

Note: The details presented in the report are intended to help in creating awareness about the regulatory process and requirements for registering pharmaceuticals products in China. While the report can be considered as an informative resource, it is not being presented as legal guidance, a binding document, or any authoritative report. The information in this report was prepared on the basis of relevant information from the public domain as of the date, however, the NMPA regulations and requirements may change with time and it is advisable to refer to current regulations at any given time. It is recommended to confirm the specific details, requirements, and processes applicable to your specific products at a given time before initiating any process of registration.