IMPs Import Regulation, Requirements & Process In China

Import of IMPs into China for Clinical trials

IMPs and their supportive products are crucial for any clinical trial and timely delivery to the clinical trial sites matters a lot for trial initiation and conduction. Understanding the thorough regulations is very important before making such an import.

Most of the times import of IMPs and their supportive products are handled by the CROs who are conducting the clinical trials, but in some cases where the importation of IMPs and ancillary supplies is not under the scope of CRO, then the sponsor shall assign a service provider who handles these imports. But before handling the import, the sponsor or the importer need to know the complete import regulations.

For importing IMPs and their supportive products, you need to answer the following

  • What are the regulations for the import of IMPs and their supportive products?

The import of IMPs and their supportive products are completely overseen by the NMPA. You need to submit an application for import to the NMPA once approved this facilitates the customs clearance during import.

  • What are the requirements applicable to import IMPs?

The requirements for the import of IMPs are different from the requirements for the clinical ancillaries import. To import the IMPs and their supportive products you may require a Certificate of Analysis (COA), Certificate of Origin (CoO), Manufacturing Certificate (MC), certificate of compliance (CoC), etc. The requirements for each product may also vary.

  • Process of importation for IMPs and their supportive products?

The process of importation for IMPs and clinical ancillary supplies is not the same. For IMPs, you need to plan the import process before making a clinical trial application.

  • Responsibility for import for clinical trials

Since the importation is for clinical trial purposes, the responsibility of importation must be defined and authorized precisely. You need to authorize the right person at the right time and recommend completing the process of selection before making a clinical trial application.

  • Impact of various factors on the import process

Various factors come into place while making the actual importation. Factors like CIQ or customs clearance, the port of shipment, and port of import, time of import, etc play a crucial role in completing the process of import successfully.

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Note: The details presented in the report are intended to help in creating awareness about the regulatory process and requirements for importing IMPs into China. While the report can be considered as an informative resource, it is not being presented as legal guidance, a binding document, or any authoritative report. The information in this report was prepared on the basis of relevant information from the public domain as of the date, however, the NMPA regulations and requirements may change with time and it is advisable to refer to current regulations at any given time. It is recommended to confirm the specific details, requirements, and processes applicable to your specific products at a given time before initiating any process of importation.