Identification and selection of clinical sites and investigator remains one of the first and most important decisions that trial managers take. This also happens to be the one that may define the success (or, failure) of the project.


We had been seeing the impact of site / investigator identification on clinical trial successes time and again. A good beginning with selection of quality, high recruitment sites is very likely to lead to a successful clinical trial recruitment, patient selection and quality data.

A global centralized database

In today’s era, while trial managers pay great attention to site selection and identification, their choices are mostly limited to their own in-house databases, peers referrals and/or other search routes. This limitation may become very big, if the project is planned in another country or therapeutic area than what trial teams generally works in.

A central database available to trial managers at a very affordable cost can go a long way in ensuring trial successes and extending cost / time – saving support to trial management teams.

This fact had a great impact on Credevo founder, Dr. Kshitij Soni and inspired him to start conceptualizing an online clinical research platform that can help in investigator identification. In a LinkedIn article, Kshitij shared his thoughts about developing such a centralized clinical research platform.


Credovo, currently is one of the fasted growing networks of clinical sites and investigators which can help trial managers reach 110000+ investigators, 55000+ sites, in 25+ countries around the world.


It provides you with a tool to save more than 80% of cost and time in investigator and site selection.

How does Credevo save 80% of cost and time

Cost – Saving

An offline feasibility assessment for clinical trial usually costs from $200 – $300, from building database and contacting investigators to following up investigators and other expenses. With Credevo, it will only take less than $ 20 and even free in some cases to perform these processes.

Time – Saving

It’s the Credevo Feasibility Engine and Feasibility Team which will take care of everything. All you need to do is post your project with few required details on their site.

No need to develop your own database

Investigator Database

Credevo has an ever increasing database of investigators and sites that can be accessed very conveniently. Credevo team also makes a consistent effort to increase this database, so that our clients and their team can get to assess feasibility with investigators in a way that is not possible with locally available database.

Making it easy for you

Ease of Working

Once you post your project, Just wait for investigators to respond with preliminary feasibility. Then simply choose to contact them or explore detailed feasibility with them.


Credevo ensures the reliability and qualification of investigators. Trial managers can also check all the required details through the feasibility questionnaire during the process.


Preliminary information is the only information shown on projects. Trial manager chooses to share the synopsis and feasibility questionnaire with investigators that they want and that too under an NDA.

No Country is a Barrier

Credevo currently have a solid networking in place, in about 25 countries; and is up for any project for countries beyond the stated regions.

All Major Therapeutic Areas

Whether it be oncology, infectious diseases, diabetes, dermatology, respiratory or other major therapeutic area for clinical development, Credevo will always strive to find you qualified, willing and expert clinical trial investigators.

How to get access to this network?

There are two easy ways to start.

  1. Just sign up on Credevo and post your project with required preliminary information. Credevo team will help you in further process.
  2. In case, you have some queries before you’re ready to start, talk to us. You can also reach us on

Just want to stay in touch with Credevo?

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